Smart Card and Plastic Card Supplier

Today, systems that utilize card reading interfaces are found almost everywhere. Whether it be magnetic stripe cards or smart cards, Card Cube Smart Technology provides a complete line of card solutions, no matter your needs. We produce everything from barcode cards, to chip cards with integrated circuits. As a professional card supplier, we can help our customers by providing cards to be used as bank cards, loyalty cards, USB cards, RFID cards, RFID wristbands, combi cards, and RFID readers.

    1. Smart Cards

      Chip cards, or smart cards are pocket-sized cards with a chip embedded in their surfaces. Some cards, called contactless smart cards, use radio frequency (RF) technology to transmit information.

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    1. Dual-Interface Smart Card

      Dual-interface smart card can be fitted with two chips, one with a contact interface and the other with a contactless interface. These features are not interconnected...

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    1. Plastic Member Card

      Size:85.5x54mm(CR80) or customized
      0.76mm/0.5mm/0.38mm/1mm or customized
      Card Surface:Glossy/ Matte/ Frosted

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    1. RFID Tag

      Games & Toys
      Location & Services
      Business Cards & Calendars
      Electronics Pairing
      Product Authentication
      Ticketing, Access Control & Payment

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    1. iButton Electronic Keyfob

      An iButton device is a computer chip enclosed in a 16mm thick stainless steel can. Because of this unique and durable container, up-to-date information can travel with a person or object anywhere they go.

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    1. RFID Wristband

      Card Cube produces RFID bracelets out of various materials, including silicone, fabrics, plastic, and PVC. Different bracelet sizes are available as well, including Ф45 mm, Ф50 mm, Ф55 mm, Ф60 mm, Ф65 mm, and Ф74mm.

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    1. RFID ABS Keyfob

      Security Access control
      Student/employee ID
      Loyalty System/ member management

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    1. RFID Inlay

      RFID inlays are RFID antennas that can be installed on or inside items as small as the cards we produce. RFID inlays can operate at low, high, and ultra-high frequency.

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    1. RFID Reader

      Card Cube RFID card readers operate at different radio frequencies, including the 125Kmhz LF RFID reader, 13.56 MHz HL RFID card reader and UHF RFID reader.

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