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Contactless Smart Card

    1. UHF Contactless Smart Card1. Supply Chain Management
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      4. Asset Inventory and Tracking

Contactless smart cards make use of a built in RFID chip which leads some to confuse these cards with RFID cards. The difference between the two is that contactless smart cards operate at a shorter read range and contain a chip that can store and allow rewrite of complex information like financial details, personal ID, payment transactions, and access privileges.

Despite the differences, contactless cards do still use radio waves to transmit information stored in the microchip. The contactless smart card contains an RFID antenna in its PVC cover. These cards are internationally standard CR80 PVC 85.5mm x 54mm.

The contactless card has no exposed metallic chip. The built in RFID chip is completely encased in the PVC material of the card. The user just needs to simply wave the card in front of an RFID reader to complete the transaction of information. The chips can be used for various frequencies including low-frequency (125 kHz), high-frequency (13.56 MHz), and ultra-high frequency (915 MHz).

Applications for Contactless Smart Card
Door access, membership management, parking access, item identification, monetary management.

The Card Cube Smart Technology company specializes in the manufacturing and supply of a variety of contactless cards for use as ID cards, gift cards, hotel key cards, loyalty cards, meal cards, laundry cards, passcards, discount cards, VIP cards, and business cards.