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Contact Smart Card

    1. PIN-Protected Smart CardThis PIN protected smart card provides both rewritable memory and very simple logic functions for data storage and security. An additional integrated circuit is added for PIN protection to prevent unauthorized access of data.
    1. Memory Card (Contact Chip)1. Library management systems 2. Gas cylinder management systems 3. Apparel production line, logistic management systems 4. Utility payment systems

Contact smart cards are the most common form of smart card. Contact cards are easily differentiated from contactless cards by the golden chip embedded on their surface. These chips have a similar appearance to SIM cards that you would find in your phone.

Card Cube Smart Technology is a smart card expert. We manufacture both memory-chip cards and microprocessor based contact smart cards. Memory-chip cards are plastic cards that are fitted with an EEPROM chip which allows for data storage that can be rewritten. Rewriting is a key feature because it allows the card to be used repeatedly by changing the data stored on it. This rewrite feature also differentiates a contactless card from an RFID tag.

Our integrated circuit memory card is either a SLE4442 or SLE4428 card, but we can also supply AT88SC upon request as well as the Chinese equivalents of SLE4442 and SLE4428, including FM/ISSI4442 and FM/ISSI4428.

Microprocessor cards are less commonly used than memory-chip contact smart cards but they have the ability to perform multiple functions. Microprocessors allow the cards to store and change data that connects to different systems as opposed to just one.
Examples of the applications for contact smart cards are in door locks, transaction processing systems, logistics, physical or electronic access control, and item identification. The data stored in a memory-chip card can be locked with a PIN, which is a password that prevents unauthorized access or misuse of data.