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Integrated RFID Reader (Long Range)

The integrated RFID reader can read an RFID tag from over 12 meters away. Because of this, the unit is also called the long-range RFID reader. This series of RFID reader can perform both bulk reading at 200pcs/s and single reading of 2000 times/min.

As a professional producer of long-range proximity card readers, our long-range readers can read RFID tags quickly and accurately from a distance. It uses circularly polarized antennas to transmit and receive information, and does not pose any restriction to the orientation of the antennae. The unique waterproof design means the reader can be used in any weather condition. Here we list some of the applications where our integrated RFID reader has found wide use.

1. Logistics, Inventory Management
Keeps track of goods flow, counts inventory, and manages the movement of shipments

2. Intelligent Parking System
Parking management and cashless payment automation

3. Manufacturing Management
Identification of manufacturing processes

4. Product Authentication
Uses a PIN to verify the quality of products

5. Other Applications
Student status management, attendance count, consumption management, etc.

Specs of Integrated RFID Reader
1. EPC GEN2, ISO18000-6B, ISO18000-6C.
2. 902~928MHz or ISM 865~868MHz
3. RF power:1.0~31dBm adjustable
4. Sensitivity:-80dBm(12dBi antenna with a read range of more than 12 m)
5. Read speed: Bulk reading -200pcs/second, single reading: 2000 times/minute
6. Processor: ARM CORTEX M3 100M CPU
7. 16KB tag data memory, 32KB Ferroelectric memory
8. 100M Ethernet Interface, RS232/RS485 interface, wiegand 26/34
9. One team input and one team output (TTL), one team Relay
10. DC: +9V~+15V
11. Working Temp.: -20~60℃

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