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RFID Reader

    1. Handheld RFID ReaderData collection is much more convenient and efficient with our handheld RFID reader. Easy and accurate readings of RFID tags can be performed this wireless communicator.
    1. Fixed RFID Reader (Four-Port)The F5860-H fixed RFID reader comes with the advanced M2240 RFID read and write module for exceptional reading performance.
    1. Integrated RFID Reader (Long Range)The integrated RFID reader can read an RFID tag from over 12 meters away. Because of this, the unit is also called the long-range RFID reader.

RFID chips are useless without an RFID reader. Card Cube RFID card readers operate at different radio frequencies, including the 125Kmhz LF RFID reader, 13.56 MHz HL RFID card reader and UHF RFID reader.

Sometimes different RFID applications may require different readers, which is why we have introduced the handheld RFID card reader, four-port fixed reader, long range integrated reader, and NFC reader. These readers can read chips built to various standards, such as ISO14443A, ISO14443B, ISO15693, and UHF 6C. In case you have any additional question about our RIFD tags, readers, and smart cards, feel free to contact us at any time.