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Alien Impinj 850-950MHz Alien H3 Monza UHF RFID Label

Typical Applications
Clothes management
Warehouse management
Logistics management
Pharmaceutical management
Sports event ticket
Vehicle charge

Specification of UHF RFID Label
Material Paper/ PVC/ PET
Shape Round, Square, Rectangle, Irregular or Customized
Antenna model ALN-9610, 9613, 9620, 9627, 9629, 9630, 9640, 9662, 9610,
B41, B42, B43, B44, E41C, E44, E51, E52, H41, H42, J41, J51 etc.
Antenna size 12x9mm, 44.5x10.5mm, 29x9.7mm, 22.5x22.5mm, 70x17mm,
94.8x8.15mm, 93x19mm or customized
Chip optional
860-960MHz (Aluminum antenna ) ALIEN H3, ALIEN H4, U CODE, IMPINJ Monza 4D/4E/4QT,
Monza 5, etc.
Craft optional
Graphic and Logo printing, digit printing, barcode and QR barcode printing,
serial number, UID number printing, EPC encoding, etc.
Chip Memory
Chips and capacity (bits) Alien Impinj
H3 Monza 4D Monza 4E Monza 4QT
Unique Tag ID Unalterable 64
EPC 96 128 496 128
User 512 32 128 512
Some Antenna and Size :
UHF RFID Label :
Some Applications :


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