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Fabric NTAG213 NFC Wristband for Event

Applications of the Fabric NFC Wristband
Access Control
Events: concert, marathon, etc.

Specifications of the NFC Wristband for Event
Material Textile/Woven Band + PVC
Size PVC RFID Tag: 25*40mm Textile Band: 15*350mm
Printing PVC RFID Tag: offset printing Textile Band: thermal transfer printing/silk-screen printing
NFC Chip NTAG213
Chip Basic Data RF Interface: ISO14443A
Operating Frequency: 13.56MHz
Operating Distance: up to 10cm
Memory: 144 bytes write and read user area
Write Endurance: 100000 cycles
Data Retention: 10 years
Other Chip Option about the Event Wristbands
Operating Frequency Chip Model
LF 125KHz TK4100, EM4200
EM4305, T5577
HF 13.56MHz Mifare 1K, Mifare 4K
NTAG213, NTAG216
Ultralight, Ultralight C
I Code Sli, I Code Sli X, I Code Sli S
Mifare Desfire 2K, Mifare Desfire 4K, Mifare Desfire
UHF 860-960MHz Alien H3, Alien H4
Monza 4D, Monza 4E, Monza 4QT, Monza 5
Welcome to request for chip data sheet.
Standard Shapes and Sizes
Applications of the Fabric Wristband

For more information on fabric NFC wristbands, please visit: www.worldnfc.com.

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