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      Shenzhen Card Cube Smart Technology Co.,Ltd, founded in 2010, has been specializing in RFID & NFC Tags/Labels, RFID Wristbands, Keyfobs, NFC Metro Tokens, RFID Inlay Sheets, Plastic Cards etc.

      Our head factory with advanced equipments is based in Shenzhen, taking up 8000 m2, having branch factories in Dongguan city, Fujian, and Hunan Provinces.

      We have five marketing teams, one design team, one research team as well as more than 300 factory staff. Cooperating with Singapore Airlines, Nigerian Government, adidas company, Huawei company, Iran Metro company, Outter Mongolia Bus Company and so on really makes us stand out.

    1. Plant Facts

      1. Production machine

      • Heidelberg Printer
      • Automatic Chip Welding Machine
      • Lamination Room
      • Automatic Chip Bonding Machine
      • Flip Chip Mounter Machine
      • Die-Cutting Machine
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    1. Partner

      Smart cards come in a variety of styles. Whether it be memory chip cards, microprocessor cards, or USB cards, Card Cube is an industry expert. Card Cube makes a point to work with a number of world-renowned semi-conductor companies, including NXP, EM, TI, ST, Impini, ATMEL, INSIDE, JEWEL, Fudan Microelectronics, and Huahong Group.

      We utilize the chips from these manufacturers to form a solid base that leads to quality chip cards. Card Cube is quickly expanding throughout the world and our products are becoming more and more popular as they are used as bus passes, ID cards, and tollway cards.

      NXP Semiconductors
      NXP is one of the top 10 semiconductor suppliers in the world. The company supplies us with premium chips including Mifare S50, Mifare S70, Mifare desfire D21, Mifare desfire D41, Mifare desfire D81, Mifare ultralinght, Mifare PLUS S2K/X2K, Mifare PLUS S2K/4K, I-CODE SLI, HITAG1, HITAG2, and HITAGSdeng.

Address: 4&7/F, Building E, Longjing Industrial Park, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China,518129

Tel.: +86-755-89894425

Fax: +86-755-84521292

Skype: klf-contact

Email: inquiry@kalifang.com

WhatsApp: +8613510119496

Web: www.worldnfc.com