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Card Cube is a reliable smart card manufacturer that provides cards that can be used for everything from loyalty cards, swipe cards, and barcode cards, to contact smart cards, combi cards, and contactless smart cards. Not only that, we also supply a range of RFID tags, RFID inlays, and RFID readers.

Noted for our focused pursuit of excellent quality and service, the service staff at Card Cube will work with you from purchase consultation to after-sale support.

All-in-One Public Transportation Card
Smart card technology gives people the convenience of using one card to pay bus and metro fares. We help card issuers to create a seamless experience for card users. Our contributions have helped improve contactless smart card technology and speed up the implementation of all-in-one card plans in urban areas.

After rigorous inspection and review, experts from different fields of the smart card industry agree that Card Cube is a very competitive and competent bidder with an absolute advantage over its rivals for various OneCard Programs implemented within major cities of China, including Qingdao, Chengdu, and Huizhou. The winning of these bids is itself a testament of our service and technical expertise. In the near future, the advance of contactless smart card technology will be likely to benefit more people by providing unparalleled convenience and customer service.

Toll Road Passcard
Card Cube smart cards are widely used as passcards for a number of highways in China. Our efforts in the highway passcard business have been praised by many customers across China.

All-in-One Campus Card
With Card Cube smart cards, you can build a better education experience for everyone on campus. Card Cube cards have helped create great convenience for students by allowing them to access accounts and for identification purposes through ID cards with smart technology.

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